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Christian Strasser

CEO | Investor | Product & Business Development

Christian Strasser joined the team mid-2017, although he has been known to some partners for many years and has been working with Gerald again and again since the late 1990s.

Christian also started his career in banking, always placing great emphasis on international trade and trade finance.

Since the early nineties he built up a hardware retail chain in CEE-SEE, which has taken the market leadership in many of these countries when he left the  operational business by the year in 2000.

In the position as a member of the board of directors of the hitherto leading retail chain in hardware products in CEE-SEE, Christian concentrated on real estate development, property and asset management, facility management and real estate finance, as well as representing the interests of the holding company in relation to its international subsidiaries.

After leaving the multinational trading group after more than 20 years, Christian set up his own business, dealing with real estate investment and development business, consulting and advisory services.

In 2017 he joined the team, bringing his specific expertise not only in real estate and finance, but also his expertise in controlling and monitoring an international entity and building new businesses “from the ground up”.

6 years experience in banking and consulting, 25 years in real estate

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