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Cosmin Burtica

Senior Software Innovator

Cosmin Burtica and Gerald Schreiner have built up  a long business relationship over the past 10 years with numerous projects in areas such as FinTech, energy, retail and direct sales.

Cosmin and his dedicated team are handling and innovating software suits for the largest private medical operator in Romania and have created or helped to design and build the architecture and development of custom CRM, ERP,EHR and FinTech projects.

In addition to his development team, he has been providing consultancy and has been responsible for the software infrastructure of many companies in CEE and co-founded a number of start-ups in recent years.

However, with the opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology in terms of transparency and enforcement, he intends to consolidate everything into MCV, creating products and services that compete with the traditional status quo of banking.

His quote is: Hard work beats talent when talent is not working hard

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