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Egon Putzi

Founder | Investor | Technical Innovation

With the vast experience of our core team and of our consultants, we and our affiliates are well equipped to take Blockchain technology into the next age – making it profitable and innovative.

The further development of the technology, as well as the evaluation and integration is driven primarily by the etoxx software house co-founded by Egon Putzi.

Over the past three years, Egon Putzi has worked closely with his team to develop a state-of-the-art and extensible payment, loyalty and acquisition solution for future use. From his earliest innovations, he has placed great emphasis on software that complies with state-of-the-art system logics.

Egon founded and then successfully built up the high-tech semiconductor company SEZ AG, which within 15 years has become a world market leader in its sector with over CHF 3 billion market value and more than CHF 400 million sales. He listed the company as the first Austrian company on the Swiss stock exchange in 1996 and finally sold it to the leading American semiconductor giant Lam Research in 2008.

The idea for the MCV-Coin arose from his deep personal dissatisfaction with the existing traditional financial and investment models.

The combination of the latest technologies combined with more than two decades of practical experience in the high-tech sector has now led to this groundbreaking innovation.


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