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Manfred Kepold

Advisor | Investor | Product & Service Innovation

Manfred Kepold, Gerald Deutschbauer  and Egon already invested in a software development business in 2012. Based on this experience in 2014, etoxx AG was born and many other top managers joined the team in the coming months and years.

Manfred has always been an early investor and a start-up entrepreneur. He also founded SIXT Car Rent in Carinthia and East Tyrol and developed it into the top car rental company in his region.

He also created the most successful partnership with Shell in Austria.

Both success stories were based on advanced software technologies, in particular loyalty programs, which were finally developed on the basis of his business and customer service experience.

The quality of banking services and individuality of banking products during his entrepreneurial life have always been very limited, so Manfred and his partner soon became  focused on Blockchain technology. His goal was to meet service request from individuals but as well as medium-sized companies. These two groups always have always been very disadvantaged by banks and technology providers. Either products and services were not available or too expensive for these groups.

That is how the SEPA Blockchain banking world was born – THE BLOCKCHAIN BANKING REVOLUTION

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