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Martin Burgstaller

Advisor | Investor | Direct Sales

Martin Burgstaller has worked since almost 20 years in sales and distribution. After graduating from Business School, (Handelsakademie Linz) Martin decided for a career in sales where he was decisively involved in setting up a sales and distribution network for a hotel and hospitality company in Austria. Looking for a new challenge and not wanting to retire as a simple salesman he changed career path and switched to the financial sector 15 years ago.

After completion of various trainings Martin opened up his own business. Together with his team and product partners, Martin established a large client base throughout Austria. He later on changed to an international bank where he had the position of the branch manager. Being successful in what he was doing, Martin was able to establish great and long-lasting business relations with customers and business partners.

He then further expanded his horizon by selling product in the fields of coaching à Mindset à sales trainings in Austria and Germany. “You approach people in a different way when you are aware of your own potential…” so Martin. This new experience motived Martin to start distributing his acquired knowledge in form of selling coaching products to customers and business partners throughout Germany and Austria.

Due to his broad business relations which Martin enjoys throughout Austria, he decided to explore another arising business field that of crypto currencies. In 2016, Martin fastly recognised the potential that lies in crypto currencies. Traditional banking products no longer meet the end-customer’s demands. The advantages of the Blockchain-technology reveal themselves and reach out as far as to the banking sector. Therefore, Martin’s goals is to connect SEPA with the Blockchain-Technology to enable banking customers to have a “decentralized bank account that is available to anyone”.


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