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Robby Schwertner

Advisor | Blockchain Influencer | ICO Founder

Robby Schwertner is a Blockchain influencer, crypto-blogger and consultant for ICOs. Since 2014 he has been working on the future of Blockchain and crypto-currencies. On LinkedIn he has more than 30,000 followers, his blog is internationally known and is quoted by major news platforms. Robby analyzes ICOs and Blockchain startups, offers training on Blockchain and cryptos and is a regular speaker at international Blockchain conferences. His goal is to explain the bulky topic of Blockchain and crypto-currencies simply, to point out advantages and draw attention to the #ReturnOnSociety, the social added value of this future technology. His professional experiences include real estate, green energy, Smart City development, national research program management and entrepreneurship.


His mission:

“I dream of applications beyond Bitcoin and crypto-currencies that serve people and support Blockchain use cases with an added value to society. Currently I am developing indicators to measure societal impact.
Blockchain use cases I have recently had a thorough look at: energy: photovoltaics/green energy, e-mobility, real estates, health, banking, Artificial Intelligence/machine learning, charity.”


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